Upscale Childrens Holiday Clothes & Trendy Outfits for Infants & Toddlers at Online Baby Boutiques

November 06, 2013

Children's Christmas & Holiday Clothing & Smocked Outfits

Holidays are about spending time with family and friends honoring spiritual and cultural traditions. 

We all celebrate special occasions differently. Some of us dress up and pull out the fine china. Some of us prefer to keep things a little more casual. Regardless of how you observe the season, if your to-do list includes shopping for children's holiday clothes, rest assured that an outstanding variety of classic and trendy infant and toddler outfits are readily available for purchase from many online children’s clothing boutiques. 

Classic styles and trendy designs have been combined to create amazing collections, most notably for holidays. Designs are available for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, July 4th, and, yes, even St. Patrick's Day. By mid-September, many online baby boutiques are loaded with Santas, candy canes, Thanksgiving turkeys, pumpkins, witches and ghosts smocked or appliquéd on bishop dresses, longalls, reversible jumpers and bubbles. The scene changes in early February to one of Easter bunny and baby chick appliqués, smocked lambs and crosses, and a beautiful array of pastel prints and solids. Appliquéd shamrocks and smocked American flags will also transform the landscape of your favorite upscale children's clothing boutique during spring and summer. 

Follow these tips to help you find perfect infant and toddler holiday outfits.

Know the dress code. Few things are more awkward than being over or underdressed for the party. There is simply no need to put your baby girl in a beautiful smocked Christmas dress with all the trimmings if the rest of the family is wearing jeans. A cute holiday-themed sweater and cords are fantastic options for cooler weather, while smocked short sets and appliquéd rompers are excellent for the warmer months. 

Remember: comfort is key. If your child is uncomfortable, everyone suffers. Your baby's holiday outfit should fit loosely and be suited for the weather- not too hot, not too cold... just right. Itchy tags and scratchy fabrics should also be avoided at all costs. 

Choose clothing appropriate for the occasion. Easter Sunday, Christmas services, formal Thanksgiving dinners and portrait sessions require more traditional children's holiday clothing, making a classic smocked dress, bubble, longall or jon-jon a great option. If you need an outfit that your baby can wear for less formal activities, such as a visit with Santa, Easter egg hunt or trip to the pumpkin patch, children's clothing boutiques offer a wide variety of whimsically appliquéd clothes for any holiday. 

Don't procrastinate. If you want the largest selection from which to choose, shop early. Many upscale baby boutiques, online and storefront, sell out of merchandise well before Christmas and Easter. Matching brother and sister outfits for holiday portraits can be very difficult to find in specific sizes if you wait too late. 

Easter eggs crack, Christmas lights go out just as soon as you finish decorating, and clothing accidents happen.

Some of your baby's holiday clothes are destined to become heirlooms, so plan ahead. Rest easy knowing that most stains will come out if properly pre-treated. Always have a back-up outfit on hand and practice your napkin strategy to help eliminate potentially stressful moments. Take a deep breath and enjoy the festivities with your family and friends.

Happy Holidays!

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